Pluto in 1st house appearance

As one can imagine based on this information, the planet Pluto has very strong and dark influence over us. Pluto is the slowest-moving planet in the Solar System.

His energy influences entire generations. This is considered a home placement for Pluto, where he naturally expresses himself at his best. Those people born in the years of Pluto in Scorpio have Plutonian energy about them and are considered the Scorpio generation. This means, that the body, the mind and the behaviour of the native are largely influenced by this house and any planet or mathematical point that is positioned inside it.

Pluto people are loners- they love spending time with themselves, exploring deep levels of their subconscious or just thinking over highly existential problems. Plutonians are very emotional and they love and hate passionately. No matter the negative features a Plutonian might have, they are undoubtedly interesting people. They never pass unnoticed, although they try to as they hate being in the centre of attention.

People either like or dislike them, there is no middle ground. What Plutonians need to learn is to tame the destructive energy within them or at least make it work for not against them.

After all, Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, meaning he kills one so that one can be born again stronger and wiser. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology. Like Like. Thank you so much!

My ascendant is Scorpio and pluto in the first house. That would make me a plutonian!?

pluto in 1st house appearance

It makes me really sick and rude. Hi Daniel, thanks a lot for stopping by! If you learn how to control that huge amount of energy, you could turn it into your benefit. But so is life as for me, death and life are the two sides of the same coin.

Pluto, much like Saturn, is a teacher.

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The area of life he affects is where we need to put the most effort in order to overcome the negative influence and turn it into a positive one.

I have the same placement… Scorpio Ascendant with Pluto 1st house, and Pluto conjunct my ascendant 1 degree away. Because I feel the same way as Daniel described. OP do you have any advice on how transform this energy and how this placement is a karmic placement? I have this placement conjunct a Scorpio ascendant as well.

Much of what is said here resonates with me. I feel as though where ever Pluto is situated in a chart, brings a degree of obsession to that area of life.You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. You can set your address, phone number, email and site description in the settings tab.

Link to read me page with more information. Imagine yourself as the unborn babe you once were, in your mother's womb. You and her were one being then, connected seamlessly to one another, your growing body inside hers. You felt what she felt, heard what she heard, and went where she went.

She nourished you, loved you, kept you safe and secure. You experienced the world solely through the membrane of her body. Only the primal waters of creation, which you grew further and further away from with every passing day. Perhaps it would have been nice to stay coddled there, in that most comfortable place.

But life hurries onward, and you could not stay that way forever. And then, finally, that final day came - the day of traumatic, exciting, necessary change. The waters of the womb seethed and churned. At that moment, you left your mother's body, and were born into this world. That day, in that place, in that instant, your chart was cast. And you crossed your Ascendant line from the 12th House, into the 1st. To celebrate, they gave you a name - something to call yourself, to identify as.

A separate individual. An autonomous being, with a mind and body and ego distinct and all your own. Look at your personality, your chart, the entirety of who and what you are, and see it metaphorically as a house. Your Ascendant would be the front door, or what people see when they walk up and meet you for the first time.

And your Planets in the 1st House would be the first thing they see when they open up that door. Your name, title, and any other unique words you and others use to identify you. Appearance as self-expression: the styles and trends you want to dress yourself up in. Having your Sun here means you were born under the earliest light of dawn, just as night was finally ending.

You came to be just before the top of the sun pushed over the eastern horizon. The world was still deeply set in darkness, as it had been for hours.

But the edge of the sky was flowering, casting a small glow of warm light up into the night.

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This is an exceptionally powerful placement for your Sun. Anything placed in the 1st House is expressed at its fullest capacity with absolutely no censorship.

For you, this means that you cannot shelter your ego from being impacted by others, and you also cannot stop expressing yourself in the realest, rawest way possible. When you are young or immature, people will see you as obnoxious, egotistical, self-absorbed, and self-important.

pluto in 1st house appearance

But others will be drawn to your warmth, generosity, optimism, and creativity.Go to: 2nd house — 3rd house — 4th house — 5th house — 6th house — 7th house — 8th house — 9th house — 10th house — 11th house — 12th house. The first house is the most important part of your natal chart because it determines in which houses all the rest of the signs and planets will be located.

An ascendant is its starting point, which concerns your appearance, health and vitality. Most people only look at their sun sign, but actually your ascendant is very important to understand as well. The sign in which the ascendant is located determines your physical appearance and how in general you appear to the world, whilst your sun sign indicates who you really are, though this might be different to how you are seen by others.

Pluto in the 1st House

For example, if you have your ascendant in Scorpio, it will make for a powerful and secretive personality. The native is likely to have a prominent nose and shapely eyebrows. He will have lots of magnetism, and people will be sexually attracted to them. If your ascendant is in Sagittarius, you are an eternal student and teacher. If your ascendant is in Libra, it gifts a beautiful appearance. If your ascendant is in Taurus, it will again give a beautiful appearance, especially a lovely face, as well as the desire to gain material goods for comfort.

It will also gift the love of that which is beautiful, as Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus.

Pluto in the First House? Dude Acts Like a Scorpio!

Planets located near the ascendant influence your appearance too. Therefore, planets located in the first house alter the classic appearance that each zodiac sign gifts. The planets that are located in the first half of the first house will influence your appearance the most, while those located in the second half will influence the way you act and think.

For example, if you have Mercury located in the first half of the House, you will be one of those people who can look very different every day, and you will have both male and female qualities perfectly blended together, as the planet Mercury is both male and female. Thus, a pure Mercury influence can be fully felt only if it stands 7 to 12 degrees away from other planets, degrees depending on each planet as all of them have a different orb size.

To do this, you can consult this table of planets in exaltation, detriment and fall:. But if Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is also located in the first house, it can cause some weight gain.

The First House in Astrology: Your Appearance and How Others See You

So the mixing, or harmony, between the sign of the first house and the planets located there if there be any will produce the specific appearance of a person. Here are some other significations of the first house, apart from the appearance and general behavior:. Possible accidents are indicated in the first house also, especially those that might affect the head as I told already.

In general, the first house can be described as the House of Self. It shows who you are and your life in summary, so to speak.Absolutely fascinating! I have Pluto transit all but conjunct my ascendant at So, only a few more weeks and it's out of the 12th and onto the next lessons and life plan. I really felt this message and appreciate what it conveyed. Thank you! My daughter have Pluto transit through 12 house and conjunct her ASC. Last year was real difficult for her. She was very depressed.

She changed school and behaviour. I don't recognise her anymore, like she is completely new person. I am SO worry what's gonna be So, I can say it will stay there for 50 years and what kind of impact it will be on her life. It has been nothing but tremendous loss for me. From my personal life, my finances, my health, my work, everything has been stripped away piece by piece. Having this happen in my late 40s - early 50s I am despondent and not sure how to rebuild my life or even start a new one at this PT.

I am Libra sun, Capi rising, Aq. It's the hardest, longest, worse than Saturn thing that can ever happen. Don't know if I'm going to make it to the end of this. Great read, thanks.I have Pluto in the 1st house.

All of the above things are true. I know I can be a very intense driven individual. I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I'm all about self-destruction and revival. Not just to make myself stronger but to also be stronger for other people.

I've always been very aware of my surroundings and every situation. I can feel out pretty much any situation and understand it.

Like Aquarius said, I know the difference between real social connection and useless babbling just to pass time. I cannot stand useless babbling. It is either real or not real. That is the only way I see it. Some people will try to fit in as far as every social situation because they don't want to be the "odd" one out, even if they don't want to be in that social situation or don't exactly value the people around them. With me it doesn't bother me to be the "odd" one out because I actually prefer it that way.

If I am in a social situation that I am not enjoying or feel like engaging in then it is not going to be real for me and as a direct result the people are not going to know the real me. Also, yes, I can always sense what is going on I just simply won't change my beliefs and values and I am not going to give in to "fake social normalities.

People all the time ask how people are doing I mean you here it constantly throughout your day to day life Of course people always expect a positive response such as "I'm doing good. Even if the person is feeling down or is not happy, they will usually reply with "good". I can say that I simply "hate this".Astro-Tip : Stop fearing yourself. Let your feral animal out of the cage and you will find out they are not so dangerous.

What happens when a planet is on your ascendant?

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It dramatically affects how people perceive you. In the case of Pluto the results are fascinating and sometimes surprising. Pluto in the first house people are the kind of people who walk into a room- and the air changes. They have a strong presence- both for positive and negative.

It is not about how they look but more to do with the way they hold themselves. Pluto is seductive- but also dominating. Pluto holds all the secrets of life and death- it is the key. So imagine a person that represents all these dark secrets in their very being. Pluto rising people are usually not aware they have this type of presence or strong effect on people. They may feel hurt and surprised by the way people sometimes fear them- or worse try and dominate and control them!

It is as if other people feel the power and try to protect against it by being controlling or aggressive towards the Pluto rising person. When they grow up they learn to either repress or mask their presence or they use it to reach their goals. In my experience, the second option is much healthier. Many amazing artists and performers have this placement- they radiate it and use is as a creative vehicle. So they change their look and style every few years- they literally become someone else.

If they are more spiritually evolved they would change and shed their personality and not only their look and style. Some Pluto rising people fall into the trap of plastic surgery and obsession with how they look.

A happy Pluto rising person is capable of transforming themselves for the better instead- they work on their character and spiritual growth. They can then influence in their environment- changing it for the better. My tip for them is to stop trying to control and hide who they are- instead use it for the better. Be creative, live dangerously and change society.

For example they can live dangerously only to help others- many medical professionals have this placement. They can use their ability to change to be great actors- turning into their very character with ease.

The roles both actresses choose reflect Pluto perfectly- dealing with death, sexual trauma, pain and the past. And who can forget Stephen King?

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Pluto in 1st HOUSE - Mysterious & Transformative (Astrology Vibes)

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Best quality: The ability to transform Worst: The ability to destroy Appearance: ever changing but the eyes. To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.Donna Roberts Leave a comment. What happens when Pluto is in 1st House? You are a leader who needs to be in control of everything that is going on.

Ruling Zodiac Sign : Aries. Your strength and independence are very alluring in the first house, especially when Pluto adds an element of intensity to your personality. You tend to hide your true feelings for fear of revealing too much. This only makes you more mysterious. On the downside, this can also be intimidating. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it.

In astrology, Pluto is symbolic of renewal, rebirth, fear of loss, and desire for control. With Pluto in the first house, you need to be at the head of the pack and leading the charge on everything.

Your fear is not being able to keep up and falling behind everyone else. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Power is something you want in your hands, not hanging over your head by someone else.

So, you project a strong and formidable presence at all times in your career. This is intensified as Mars is the ruling planet, and Aries is ruling zodiac sign. The one thing Pluto in the first house do well is getting to the heart of the matter.

So, believe in your ability to cut through all the lies and tricks in the world. Use this ability to your advantage and build upon your wealth of knowledge and experience.

Allow yourself to go through the necessary transitions to reach a higher level of existence and maturity.

pluto in 1st house appearance

Because of your need to be first, people either see you as brave or foolhardy, depending on the outcome. People with Pluto in the 1st house, feel empowered and in control, something very important to them. This is how you can truly learn and grow as a person and find spiritual enlightenment.

What Color Matches Your Personality? Take The Test Now!! You can only make it so far before something unexpected throws you off course. Test Now!!! Confidence is one thing, but being a bully is another. Sometimes you have to tread lightly to get what you want, which goes against your every instinct. But there is such a thing as coming on too strong. While you may fear the unknown, you never show it, so you will always be surrounded by those who trust in your judgment.

Take the confidence from them and adopt it as your own. Your instincts are solidand you can rise to something you never dreamed possible.

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