Evolv dna 75c

Evolv LLC have been a world leading manufacturer of regulation boards for the vaping industry for over a decade. Responsible for revolutionising vaping with the introduction of Variable Wattage back inEvolv have continually pushed the boundaries of excellence. The DNA 75C and DNA C boards allow the user to fine tune and replicate their ideal vape experience, constantly monitoring and adjusting a myriad of parameters to deliver the perfect vape.

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We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent.Before we get started, this should piece today should not be viewed as our review of the new Lost Vape Therion DNA75c.

Escribe is Still PC Only As nice as the new product from Evolv is, and the DNA 75c is damn nice, it saddens me to tell you that even with all the work and engineering that went into this new piece of technology, the Escribe Software that the owner of any DNA Mod needs, especially owners of the newer Evolv boards, to get the most out of it… is still a PC-only piece of software. You can, absolutely, and I do. Most Mac users do not, and if you ask most Vapers that do use a Mac if he or she would install, and learn to operatea virtual box with Windows, just to access Escribemost would opt out for an RX equipped box mod in a heartbeat.

While a DNA c is certainly coming, this board has a maximum wattage output of 75W and is structured to accommodate the cell. Some box mods will offer this board with oneand others will offer a dual cell mod, such as the Lost Vape Therion DNA 75c.

While the Evolv DNA 75 Color is a splendid new board and screen, and promises to bring about even better mods down the road, one way of doing this is the addition of a 3 rd button, the Select Button. Version 2, which supports the DNA 75c, takes no real learning curve from earlier versions to set up profiles for various atomizers. The feature that will require some practice is the Theme Designer. With enough effort owners of mods that use the DNA 75c will be able to create numerous interfaces, with custom backgrounds and information presentation.

To switch themes however, will require attaching the mod to the PC computer, launching Escribe and choosing the new theme. As is the case with the DNA community at large, many advanced users will offer their custom themes for download by users, free. The external, onboard buttons allow the user to navigate around and into the interface and modify the device settings. Typical usage for these 3 buttons is to use the top and bottom buttons to highlight the horizontal options presented on the screen.

Once the user highlights an option, pressing the Select button activates that option. Using the top or bottom button, highlight the Settings line and press the middle button to select and activate it. Clicking the middle, or the new Select button, the user will delve into the deeper settings; AtomizerPuff InfoDiagnosticsand System. Moving the external buttons to whichever setting the user wishes to adjust or set, the user presses the external Select button again.

Trust me, it is much easier in practice. To raise the wattage or temp once selected and activated, the user would press the Top button, to lower the wattage to temp the user would press the bottom button. The DNA 75C can also use multiple cells in a parallel series as long as the maximum input voltage is 4.

Using more than one cell extends the battery life. Note that removing the batteries to replace them, or recharging a LiPo pack, the date and time are NOT lost… it will retain the current time and date without a battery. All rights reserved. Share :.Many of them still use antiquated control schemes.

But for those who crave the utmost in efficiency, ridiculously precise temperature control, and preheat customization, there are few arguments to be had about the consistent quality of DNA mods. Since that pivotal moment, DNA boards have grown to handle all the current wires in TC mode, from the original Nickel to Titanium and Stainless Steel, and is still quite comfortable pushing power to Kanthal wire as well in variable wattage mode.

In the coming weeks, Evolv will be releasing its first DNACa color version of the ultimate power board, but as for which company will have the honor of building a Vape Mod around it, or what it will look like, we have to keep that under wraps.

Guess what? Though the older control scheme of classic DNA chipsets makes these mods a little polarizing, the recently introduced DNA75c now employs a beautiful full color display and a crucial function third button for controls.

Certainly, there are other makers, other manufacturers that decide to produce their own DNA Mod, but lately, it seems the market is nearly cornered by these three top-notch companies. Still, what about the future? Its release caused quite a stir for the power-hungry Vapers.

To date, that has not happened. Instead, Evolv has taken a different path. A path of lower maximum wattage output, color screens, and that third, ever-important, function button. Or, perhaps Evolv was refining their improvements before moving back into the higher wattage game.

Moving in the direction of color, lower wattage, etc. Almost serendipitously, the Sub-Ohm Vape Tank market made a similar move; building tanks with prebuilt coils that require less wattage and still maintain massive vapor output and true flavor fidelity. Evolv is getting there. Technology is catching, and Evolv will soon show its latest board to the pubic. With the ability to use larger cells, the 2X cells as well as theEvolv is finding ways to move the company forward.

While the newer DNA75C use a straightforward, display-driven, function button, control scheme, older DNA mods have a somewhat intimidating learning curve. There are plenty of online resources to help newcomers get started, and better companies have included detailed instructions in their packaging. Of course, you can make these adjustments when your DNA Vape Mod is connected to a PC or Macusing the handy Escribe softwarewhich allows you to customize just about every aspect from what vitals show on the main screen to adding photos and even different fonts.

There are 93 different customization optionsto be exact. One quick note to get ahead of some potential controversy — only a select few companies are chosen to produce DNA mods. Squeezing out a hundred watts from the DNA75C must have been no easy feat, and we get the feeling this is only the beginning.

As with other DNA75C board, the Mirage includes the three-button adjustments for the easiest and fastest settings manipulation yet.

Photos here are for reference only and are not representative of the variances of each unit. The dual Therion is the epitome of user-friendly functionality — not a small statement for DNA devices.

But the streamlined display and menu structure is enhanced by a fantastic set of buttons and a clicky, short-throw fire key.

And the die-cast zinc alloy frame counters the high-end beauty with a surprising sense of brawn — this is one of the few DNA mods in my collection that could survive a significant drop without much worry.

Evolv DNA Box Mods

That said, leather, carbon and wood-grain accents still let the world know the Therion is a high-end Vape Mod. At the end of the day, did we wish the Therion had a little more power?


Do we wish it could support lower resistance coils? Running the VTS with dual automatically throttles down the power of the device to a maximum wattage output of W. When used with the Esribe application, the DNA allows for true customization. It is a great choice, and it deserves to be listed here, but the VT still wins my heart from a design standpoint.By gwyar. Updated 12 hours ago. Updated 13 hours ago. By Tortuga. Updated yesterday at AM. By justinjb.

Submitted Saturday at PM. By mxbntn. Updated Saturday at PM. By Lisko. Updated April 9. Updated April 5. By Hareon. Submitted March By madmax3. Updated March By HolySodaVapors. By tool By Mr.

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By zark. Submitted March 8. By Kernowmagic. Updated March 5. By DrVapenstein. Updated March 3. By anzip. Submitted March 3.Lightweight, powerful, stylish The revolution is here. Welcoming the Rebel Mod series - designed and manufactured right here in the UK.

The Best Evolv DNA Driven Mods of 2018

The newly shaped single battery squonker features a DNA 75W colour screen. An extremely compact power house of a device, this lightweight and ergonomic Rebel 75C will feel great in the hand, and will certainly look its part too. Each unit is hand finished and tested using extensive quality control techniques. Ergonomic, sleek, compact and packed full of power All devices fully comply with the Electrical Products Safety Regulations For more information about Rebel, please visit www.

Each mod is hand made needs to be tested and preset manually by UK technicians. Thank you for your patience. Tax included.

evolv dna 75c

Shipping calculated at checkout. I agree with the terms and conditions. NOW with mix and match colours! They have produced the smallest and The single battery Now in stock! Limited numbers as selling out very fast NEW!

The second in the Rebel The revolution Have a question? Vendor: Product Type:.Jai Haze the well known Vape reviewer has gone into collaboration with Rebel! They have produced the smallest and most compact Dna75c on the market Made of 3D nylon printed plastic and produced to a high standard, this truly is a luxury high end mod with one of the very best chipsets on the market.

evolv dna 75c

Each Unit is hand finished and tested. Ergonomic, sleek, compact and packed full of power All Rebel Mods are manufactured in the UK, built by a leading electrical component company and then assembled by the experienced team at Rebel who come from Mechanical, Electrical and Design Engineering backgrounds. All devices fully comply with the Electrical Products Safety Regulations For more information about Rebel, please visit www.

Each mod is hand made needs to be tested and preset manually by UK technicians. Thank you for your patience. Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout. I agree with the terms and conditions. Customer Reviews Based on 4 reviews Write a review.

Lightweight, powerful, stylish The revolution is here. NOW with mix and match colours! Welcoming the Rebel Mod series - designed and manufactured right here in the UK.

Silo DNA 75C billet aluminum DNA mod case

The single battery Now in stock! Limited numbers as selling out very fast NEW! The second in the Rebel The revolution Have a question? Vendor: Product Type:. You have successfully subscribed!The 75 watt mod is powered by single or battery.

This kit features a bottom-fed squonk mod that directs e-liquid from an internal bottle to the included Maze RDA V2. The kit is available in blue, gold or black. The Asmodus Thor DNA 75C features a DNA 75C chipset, Escribe customization, or compatibility, a beautiful stabilized wood finish, a full color display with uploadable wallpapers and a third select adjustment buttons for easily choosing menu items.

The HCigar VTS is built with a precise DNA chip board, but is newly designed with a completely different paint finish and can be used with 2 or 3 batteries by use of two alternate covers. The C3D1 by S-Body features a comfortable design, triple batteries and a DNA chip board known for reliability and preciseness.

It features stable temperature control, a magnetic battery cap and can be used with both an or a bigger capacity cell. Compared to its predecessor, the W version features more power, but the same form factor and design. You can get the mod in any of these colors: auburn, black, brown, coffee, dark auburn, dark brown, leather black, red brown or yellow. This results in increased power output up to watts.

evolv dna 75c

But, it is powered by triple cells to allow for a whopping watts of output and also features a completely new design to store the three batteries. The device features a small form factor, real leather, a third button for easy mod navigation, an improved 9V of output and a color screen with themes that can be customized via Escribe. The Vapecige Creator features a DNA 75C chip board, a full color TFT display, a compact stunning design, dual batteries, patented temperature protection, Escribe theme uploads, custom fonts, patented wattage control and synchronous rectification to maximize battery life.

What's special about this device is that it's one of the first DNA mods to hit the market at an affordable price. Older Deals. Newer Deals.

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Your support in purchasing through these links enables me to keep this site up and running. Thank you! We respect your privacy. Emails Suck. Ours Don't.

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